CBA Power Rankings, week 3 (part 2).

We concluded the first half yesterday by awarding place no. 10 to Qingdao. Let’s move on to the second half, where we’ll see some of the cringiest and most hopeless CBA sides up to date. Yes, some of them are that sad, I’m sorry to spoil that for you.

11 – Tianjin (+2)

The bleeding stopped at loss no. 4 vs Shanghai, then Tongxi and Jiangsu weren’t fearsome opponents for mr 75’s squad. Nonetheless, this team keeps shooting inefficiently especially from deep, where they’re bottom 4 in the league, and especially good shooters like Zhang Nan haven’t found any rhythm. Being a tad below average in pretty much anything else hasn’t served this team well, either, and this purgatorial middle-of-the-pack position is an inevitable consequence.

12 – Foshan (+2)

Two losses vs Guangsha and Beijing, but this team isn’t terrible at all. Akognon and Kravtsov have played well; you could expect something more from Zhu Xuhang, who has been great last season, but Zeng Lingxu has stepped it up for him, and Khatib has contributed. This team’s issues have been on defense, where their stinginess has won them some steals but also left most opponents of theirs wide open.

13 – Jiangsu (-1)

Didn’t capitalize a surprising win vs Xinjiang, instead shot terribly from deep vs Tianjin and lost. A bottom-half team with a decent lineup but no efficiency especially from inside the arc. Douglas and Singleton aren’t superhuman, so you can’t expect this team to magically play well.

14 – Zhejiang (-4)

Should have won all three lost contests this week, but that’s what young teams do. McCollum is carrying it all by himself and that can’t work long-term. Now Chris Johnson checked in to replace the injured Charles Gaines and ZJJN’s loss to Chongqing might be ominous: will Johnson take many more shots than his predecessor?

15 – Shanghai (+2)

Slowly rising like a phoenix, the Sharks probably were reminded they (at least for the most part) are the same guys that competed in last season’s playoff, some 6 months ago. Apparently having West out is working especially for Tseng Wenting, who has played much better especially on the glass since West’s departure. Bernard James checked in, which means no guard imports will wear a Shanghai jersey, and that’s good: this team needs to be physical, as it’s one of the few who can do it.

16 – Sichuan (0)

When you lose to Bayi you know it’s not clicking. There’s little else to add, this team has little local talent and that talent isn’t even playing well (see Jet Chang). Alas, Metta, alas.

17 – Bayi (+3)

Two wins in a row and a narrow loss to Shanxi. This team is finally looking at least deserving to be still in the league. Of course Zou Yuchen has been the surprise factor, but there’s little else to be happy about. This team can’t compete at a high level right now.

18 – Fujian (-3)

Wow, 4 losses in a row and this week it’s never even been close. Wang has missed a couple games, but even dominating performances by him and Al Harrington count for nothing if there’s no defense. And in Fujian (which has recently sidelined coach Prada due to health concerns) you can’t even smell the scent of defense.

19 – Chongqing (0)

Second-worst defense, Kazemi not playing because of visa issues, Harrellson playing really below expectations, no local talent.
Is that enough?

20 – Tongxi (-2)

In the end the two newcomers end up dead last, for now, and it’s no shame or surprise. Horrible rebounding, horrible defense (last in both rpg and bpg), all sorts of trouble for their roster. Beginnings are always hard.

That’s it for now, see you on wednesday for another edition of “Se son rose…”!

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