Cba, playoff semifinals: Liaoning vs Qingdao.

The second semifinal features the big surprise from the regular season in Hamed Haddadi’s Qingdao Eagles facing the dominant (but a bit sleepwalking late in the 38-game tournament) Liaoning Dinosaurs.

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Se son rose…approaching the end of the regular season: Zhou Qi’s draft status, sorting out who will make the playoffs and Liaoning vs Guangdong, where opposite destinies will clash.

Probably the most western of all CBA events, the All-Star Weekend, is now in the books; Beasley dominated the big game with 59 points, Blatche was pretty much the hero of the day with his showmanship, Zou Yuchen used the youngsters game to further established what CBA fans already knew: he’s head and shoulders above any young guy whose name isn’t Zhou Qi. Meanwhile, the lanky 18-year-old big man (who has forfeited the event due to injury, but returned in Xinjiang’ losing effort vs Beijing) is being awarded a far more intriguing honor: his name has entered the 2016 NBA mock draft awarded by the pinnacle of all draft scouts: DraftExpress sees him as a possible 17th pick next year


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