He Tianju and the others: who is (or might be) NBA-ready in the Chinese Basketball Association?

I was, in all honesty, a bit shocked to hear that He Tianju will play Summer League basketball with the Pelicans. Nonetheless, this gives us CBA fans a good opportunity to discuss some young prospects’ chances to make it overseas, and meanwhile NBA fans will get to know a bit more about what’s cooking in the Middle Kingdom. Let’s start, donc, with the man who’s making the news: who is He Tianju? Continue reading

Shotsuey!’s guide to (some other) CBA local players, part 2.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading part 1 as much as I enjoyed writing it, Lana Del Rey’s lips incident aside. I’ve been suggested a couple of comparisons (thanks Andrew, thanks Jorge!) in the meantime, and I really encourage everyone (yes, all three of you readers!) to hit me up on my Twitter profilewhere you will find also some brief thoughts and recaps about daily occurrences in the Chinese league. That said, let’s cover 4 more players you’ll find in the league!

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Shotsuey!’s handguide to (at least some) CBA local players, part 1.

Disclaimer: from this point on, as rankings are getting progressively stabler, Shotsuey! will have power rankings only on a biweekly basis. Fear not, though, as I will still post something here on either Sunday or Monday. Still no clue whether it’s going to be a new column or just casual ideas, but you (and hopefully I) will soon find out.

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