The real, devastating impact Michael Beasley could have on the CBA.

Back at it we are, this time covering former NBA finalist Michael Beasley, coming right out of Miami. Will he┬áprove doubters wrong once and for all and showcase his immense talent or will it be just another “meh” season that will just prove those same doubters kinda, sorta right?

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The real, devastating impact The Panda’s Friend (a.k.a. Metta World Peace, a.k.a. Ron Artest) could have on the CBA.

Disclaimer: here will start a short series of predictions concerning the impact of some of CBA’s newcomers. Since I’m somewhat in love with weird, comic-like titles, this series will go by the name of “The real, devastating impact of…”. Hopefully my 4 readers will enjoy it to the point of becoming possibly 5, or even 6 readers.
Wait, I’m not telling you to like it to the point of wanting to have children, I’m just…hell, whatever, you’re all adults, do what you feel best about.

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