Non ti saluto perché resti. (Goodbye, Jackson)

Recently, one of my best friends has had to deal with the loss of a loved one. He issued a small sort of statement on his Facebook page and, even though I had never met the woman he mourned, it felt like I did. Such a touching description was his, with not a single word that could have been marked as commonplace, or even remotely trite and predictable. Continue reading

The Missing Piece: 6 CBA teams and 6 local players that could turn them into title favorites.

Special edition. If you didn’t expect it, well, neither did I, but this was too long and fun to be just a part of our usual “se son rose…”. This game is pretty easy: there’s a number of contenders and generally very good teams, and then we all know there’s a heap of players that would deserve to be in such winning teams but haven’t been lucky enough.

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