CBA Power Rankings, mid-january edition (part 2).

I really hope you noticed the allegory of having happy and winning players/teams being photographed for all the part 1s and frustrated players/coaches beating each other or yelling at refs for part 2s (even though this time I have picked an image coming from a Beijing game, but it was too good to pass up).
Have you?

Ok, I’m sorry, let’s pick up where we left off and go for the bottom half: part 2, mid-january edition, let’s get started!

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CBA Power Rankings/key players, mid-January (part 1).

We’re almost there: 31 games gone, 7 to go as this regular season gradually comes to a close. It’s basically a 9-team affair to reach the postseason. Of these, Liaoning and Guangdong are already in, Qingdao should be ok and Beijing are just a handful of yards away from touchdown. Shanxi and Guangsha need to make sure they keep their fast pace, but they’re in a pretty satisfying place to be. Xinjiang, Jilin and Guangdong are, conversely, in a hot seat.
Just for part 1, today, I will add key players for every of these 9 teams who are still contending for something (be it the title or a postseason berth). It’s not strictly going to be the best player, but the player who really could influence his team’s destinies.

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CBA Power Rankings, half-season edition (part 1)

We’ve finally turned the page. The first half of this regular season is in the books and some sentences have already been handed out. There basically is a chunk of 8 teams far behind, among which some have already given up. That, in itself, probably isn’t a surprise, as isn’t unheard of to see so many import changes. Most of those newcomers, however, aren’t competing for a playoff spot; how much personal success will be a priority in their half-season in the CBA?

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CBA Power Rankings, week 5 (part 1).

I’ll admit it: these rankings might help you readers just as much as they help me as a fan an sort-of-an-analyst. Really helps me keep track of how momentums shift from team to team. Last week I talked about a growing rift between top and bottom teams, and while this rift keeps growing when it comes to top-6 and bottom-6 squads (and, noticeably, between Liaoning and the rest of the league) it’s not necessarily the case for middle-of-the-pack sides.

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CBA Power Rankings, week 4 (part 2).

I was tempted to begin this piece with a statement: from now on, every part 2 of my rankings will be named “How the other half lives”, quoting Jacob Riis’ famous work on portraying the poorest slums in New York. Then, you know, I decided to give up on that out of the respect I have for that book and let’s just say that the CBA is now undoubtedly about halves, and that we can state that every second half of my rankings will undoubtedly concern the less fashionable half of the league. Underachievers, absolute beginners (can I quote Bowie, at the very least?), average joes and uncategorized displays of hopelessness all inhabit the gutter of Chinese basketball.
Who, though, is looking at the stars among those teams?

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