Se son rose… – Back from holidays: All-Star lineups, musical chairs and Guangdong’s ridiculous streak.

Good to be back after a holiday break (differently from the league, ironically), sad to say goodbye to Jamaal Franklin, big guard who was dominating in Guangsha and is being replaced by Kevin Murphy. Too soon, however, to understand where and how the Lions will differ (or not) with the former Jazz guard, thus my decision to avoid discussing it in this edition of our weekly “se son rose…”.

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Se son rose… – 2014 rookie mid-season stats.

Rookies are a valuable commodity, when you can make good use of them. This, though, is the right year to talk about them, given how well a couple of them has performed. League-wise, this is also a nice way to understand which teams are actively putting new faces on the floor.

Beware: some of them have already played in the NBL; they get the nod because of their young age.

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Se son rose…half season: Half tweener, half amazing/Almost Dorado. 6 odds-defying destinies that clarify why the CBA is NOT for everyone.

“Six characters in search for an author” could make a fitting alternative title for this (it being an Italian play makes it all the more intriguing for me. Patriottism, y’know); besides that, I’ll get that out there at the start: I missed a couple predictions on some of these guys, and you’ll soon see how and why.

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Se son rose…, week 4 – Early MVP candidates, Saving Private Wang Zhelin, imports’ 4th-quarter usage and Guo Ailun, who isn’t as f***ed as we thought.

Brief (hopefully) edition of “Se son rose…”, where I’m gonna elaborate on whatever caught my attention every week while watching some old good Chinese ball. Today I have to go with MVP talks first, because apparently I’m the only one thinking it’s not too early. Hey, we’ve seen almost a third of the whole regular season already, time to dig up some predictions!
But there’s more to add: Wang Zhelin playing for a horrible team, how 4th quarter rules have changed the perception of how you should pick your two imports and the resurgence of Guo Ailun.

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Se son rose… – week 3: of Delonte West, Andray Blatche, how to carry a team and the next great Chinese big man, who may not be Zhou Qi.

Week 3 is in full swing; Delonte West is gone and his team has won both one-import games, Tongxi is playing with just an asian import, Blatche is averaging unreal numbers (27,3 ppg 14,6 rpg 4,6 apg 2,3 spg) and shooting 41% from deep, McCollum is paying the price for lonesome greatness, Bobby Brown is piling up assists and shooting a full 4 attempts per game less than last season.

Phew, where do I even begin?

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