Se son rose… – 2014 rookie mid-season stats.

Rookies are a valuable commodity, when you can make good use of them. This, though, is the right year to talk about them, given how well a couple of them has performed. League-wise, this is also a nice way to understand which teams are actively putting new faces on the floor.

Beware: some of them have already played in the NBL; they get the nod because of their young age.

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CBA Power Rankings, half-season edition (part 2).

Just as I was compiling this a doubt came into my mind and I had to look up Bayi’s stats. We can officially confirm that probably Wang Zhizhi is safe: he only played one game, he can probably now retire in peace. Probably.
That’s all the good news you’ll get from the bottom half of the league, however.

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Shotsuey!’s handguide to (at least some) CBA local players, part 1.

Disclaimer: from this point on, as rankings are getting progressively stabler, Shotsuey! will have power rankings only on a biweekly basis. Fear not, though, as I will still post something here on either Sunday or Monday. Still no clue whether it’s going to be a new column or just casual ideas, but you (and hopefully I) will soon find out.

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CBA Power Rankings, week 5 (part 1).

I’ll admit it: these rankings might help you readers just as much as they help me as a fan an sort-of-an-analyst. Really helps me keep track of how momentums shift from team to team. Last week I talked about a growing rift between top and bottom teams, and while this rift keeps growing when it comes to top-6 and bottom-6 squads (and, noticeably, between Liaoning and the rest of the league) it’s not necessarily the case for middle-of-the-pack sides.

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