CBA Power Rankings, week 5 (part 2).

Let’s now focus on the bottom half of the league. Which teams are already doomed to irrelevancy, which teams will eventually rise back up for a playoff fight?
P.s. I don’t like to anticipate, but it must be noted that the three newcomers (Sichuan still counts as one) are at the bottom. Will the CBA find an answer to this or is it just a problem that will solve itself?

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The Missing Piece: 6 CBA teams and 6 local players that could turn them into title favorites.

Special edition. If you didn’t expect it, well, neither did I, but this was too long and fun to be just a part of our usual “se son rose…”. This game is pretty easy: there’s a number of contenders and generally very good teams, and then we all know there’s a heap of players that would deserve to be in such winning teams but haven’t been lucky enough.

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Se son rose… – week 3: of Delonte West, Andray Blatche, how to carry a team and the next great Chinese big man, who may not be Zhou Qi.

Week 3 is in full swing; Delonte West is gone and his team has won both one-import games, Tongxi is playing with just an asian import, Blatche is averaging unreal numbers (27,3 ppg 14,6 rpg 4,6 apg 2,3 spg) and shooting 41% from deep, McCollum is paying the price for lonesome greatness, Bobby Brown is piling up assists and shooting a full 4 attempts per game less than last season.

Phew, where do I even begin?

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CBA Power Rankings, week 2 (part 2).

Part 2 of Shotsuey!’s power rankings (yep, that’s me, but I don’t mind talking about myself in the third person). We covered the league all the way through number 10 yesterday, but before we get started with the bottom half, let me have your attention on how I rank teams: first off I consider the record, of course, then how well they fared this week. After that there’s a whole bunch of criteria making an impact. For instance, I might consider how tough was their schedule, how actually good they could be and what possibly hindered their progress (be it injury issues, lack of chemistry, lack of experience) so far, and that’s a crucial way of defining teams. Zhejiang might play no better than Tianjin or Jiangsu, but they’re such a young team that they can only improve. And if you plan on improving by taking daily lessons in how to be a real professional you want someone like Charles Gaines on your team, don’t you?

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