CBA Power Rankings, mid-january edition (part 2).

I really hope you noticed the allegory of having happy and winning players/teams being photographed for all the part 1s and frustrated players/coaches beating each other or yelling at refs for part 2s (even though this time I have picked an image coming from a Beijing game, but it was too good to pass up).
Have you?

Ok, I’m sorry, let’s pick up where we left off and go for the bottom half: part 2, mid-january edition, let’s get started!

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CBA Power Rankings, half-season edition (part 2).

Just as I was compiling this a doubt came into my mind and I had to look up Bayi’s stats. We can officially confirm that probably Wang Zhizhi is safe: he only played one game, he can probably now retire in peace. Probably.
That’s all the good news you’ll get from the bottom half of the league, however.

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Se son rose…half season: Half tweener, half amazing/Almost Dorado. 6 odds-defying destinies that clarify why the CBA is NOT for everyone.

“Six characters in search for an author” could make a fitting alternative title for this (it being an Italian play makes it all the more intriguing for me. Patriottism, y’know); besides that, I’ll get that out there at the start: I missed a couple predictions on some of these guys, and you’ll soon see how and why.

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CBA Power Rankings, week 4 (part 2).

I was tempted to begin this piece with a statement: from now on, every part 2 of my rankings will be named “How the other half lives”, quoting Jacob Riis’ famous work on portraying the poorest slums in New York. Then, you know, I decided to give up on that out of the respect I have for that book and let’s just say that the CBA is now undoubtedly about halves, and that we can state that every second half of my rankings will undoubtedly concern the less fashionable half of the league. Underachievers, absolute beginners (can I quote Bowie, at the very least?), average joes and uncategorized displays of hopelessness all inhabit the gutter of Chinese basketball.
Who, though, is looking at the stars among those teams?

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CBA Power Rankings, week 2 (part 2).

Part 2 of Shotsuey!’s power rankings (yep, that’s me, but I don’t mind talking about myself in the third person). We covered the league all the way through number 10 yesterday, but before we get started with the bottom half, let me have your attention on how I rank teams: first off I consider the record, of course, then how well they fared this week. After that there’s a whole bunch of criteria making an impact. For instance, I might consider how tough was their schedule, how actually good they could be and what possibly hindered their progress (be it injury issues, lack of chemistry, lack of experience) so far, and that’s a crucial way of defining teams. Zhejiang might play no better than Tianjin or Jiangsu, but they’re such a young team that they can only improve. And if you plan on improving by taking daily lessons in how to be a real professional you want someone like Charles Gaines on your team, don’t you?

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CBA: Shot Suey’s first week power rankings (sooooo early, but…).

It was pretty much bound to happen: first week in the books, some intriguing stuff going on in the league already and some mind-boggling surprises in the early standings (like, you know, not seeing Guangdong already 12-0 despite having played only 4 games). No one in their right mind would say that these standings are meant to remain even close to what they look like now, but with 4 games already behind us it’s time to tidy up our first impressions.

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