The Missing Piece: 6 CBA teams and 6 local players that could turn them into title favorites.

Special edition. If you didn’t expect it, well, neither did I, but this was too long and fun to be just a part of our usual “se son rose…”. This game is pretty easy: there’s a number of contenders and generally very good teams, and then we all know there’s a heap of players that would deserve to be in such winning teams but haven’t been lucky enough.

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Se son rose… – week 2: Chi L’Ha Visto, Shotsuey’s Zhou Qi scouting report, and (more) mixed thoughts about (even more) mixed stuff.

Yessir. We’re gonna have some scouting notes on some CBA youngsters as well. Of course, this is not at the expense of the weekly thoughts I’ll keep sharing with you.

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