CBA Power Rankings, mid-january edition (part 2).

I really hope you noticed the allegory of having happy and winning players/teams being photographed for all the part 1s and frustrated players/coaches beating each other or yelling at refs for part 2s (even though this time I have picked an image coming from a Beijing game, but it was too good to pass up).
Have you?

Ok, I’m sorry, let’s pick up where we left off and go for the bottom half: part 2, mid-january edition, let’s get started!

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CBA Power Rankings/key players, mid-January (part 1).

We’re almost there: 31 games gone, 7 to go as this regular season gradually comes to a close. It’s basically a 9-team affair to reach the postseason. Of these, Liaoning and Guangdong are already in, Qingdao should be ok and Beijing are just a handful of yards away from touchdown. Shanxi and Guangsha need to make sure they keep their fast pace, but they’re in a pretty satisfying place to be. Xinjiang, Jilin and Guangdong are, conversely, in a hot seat.
Just for part 1, today, I will add key players for every of these 9 teams who are still contending for something (be it the title or a postseason berth). It’s not strictly going to be the best player, but the player who really could influence his team’s destinies.

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CBA Power Rankings, week 5 (part 1).

I’ll admit it: these rankings might help you readers just as much as they help me as a fan an sort-of-an-analyst. Really helps me keep track of how momentums shift from team to team. Last week I talked about a growing rift between top and bottom teams, and while this rift keeps growing when it comes to top-6 and bottom-6 squads (and, noticeably, between Liaoning and the rest of the league) it’s not necessarily the case for middle-of-the-pack sides.

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CBA: Shot Suey’s first week power rankings (sooooo early, but…).

It was pretty much bound to happen: first week in the books, some intriguing stuff going on in the league already and some mind-boggling surprises in the early standings (like, you know, not seeing Guangdong already 12-0 despite having played only 4 games). No one in their right mind would say that these standings are meant to remain even close to what they look like now, but with 4 games already behind us it’s time to tidy up our first impressions.

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