Se son rose… – week 2: Chi L’Ha Visto, Shotsuey’s Zhou Qi scouting report, and (more) mixed thoughts about (even more) mixed stuff.

Yessir. We’re gonna have some scouting notes on some CBA youngsters as well. Of course, this is not at the expense of the weekly thoughts I’ll keep sharing with you.

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The real, devastating impact Andray Blatche could have in the CBA

Round 2 of this little funny thing I’m doing, this time featuring the “Magic Johnson with Puso” himself, as you must feel morally compelled to call him now that I’ve coined this great nickname. Sure, we’re talking about Andray Blatche, recently signed by the Xinjiang Flying Tigers. From this point on this sort of column will have stat lines predictions as well, since I kinda miss getting pwned by my own “foresight”. Have fun!

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