He Tianju and the others: who is (or might be) NBA-ready in the Chinese Basketball Association?

I was, in all honesty, a bit shocked to hear that He Tianju will play Summer League basketball with the Pelicans. Nonetheless, this gives us CBA fans a good opportunity to discuss some young prospects’ chances to make it overseas, and meanwhile NBA fans will get to know a bit more about what’s cooking in the Middle Kingdom. Let’s start, donc, with the man who’s making the news: who is He Tianju? Continue reading

Shotsuey!’s CBA 2014-2015 season awards (+ some words on the CBA’s status).

So, yeah.
Turns out this blog is still alive and well, even after the end of the season. Quite clearly, its activity will be slowing down considerably during this off-season, and you all are aware of how long a CBA off-season is. Nevertheless, it’s certainly been a long month of absence for me, during which other aspects of my life have been temporarily taking a huge amount of my daily time. Back to our main subject, though, as the CBA season has crowned a not-so-new champion in Beijing’s team, the Ducks, and Stephon Marbury has captured Finals MVP honors once again. Anyone surprised?

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Se son rose… – 2014 rookie mid-season stats.

Rookies are a valuable commodity, when you can make good use of them. This, though, is the right year to talk about them, given how well a couple of them has performed. League-wise, this is also a nice way to understand which teams are actively putting new faces on the floor.

Beware: some of them have already played in the NBL; they get the nod because of their young age.

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CBA Power Rankings, week 4 (part 2).

I was tempted to begin this piece with a statement: from now on, every part 2 of my rankings will be named “How the other half lives”, quoting Jacob Riis’ famous work on portraying the poorest slums in New York. Then, you know, I decided to give up on that out of the respect I have for that book and let’s just say that the CBA is now undoubtedly about halves, and that we can state that every second half of my rankings will undoubtedly concern the less fashionable half of the league. Underachievers, absolute beginners (can I quote Bowie, at the very least?), average joes and uncategorized displays of hopelessness all inhabit the gutter of Chinese basketball.
Who, though, is looking at the stars among those teams?

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The Missing Piece: 6 CBA teams and 6 local players that could turn them into title favorites.

Special edition. If you didn’t expect it, well, neither did I, but this was too long and fun to be just a part of our usual “se son rose…”. This game is pretty easy: there’s a number of contenders and generally very good teams, and then we all know there’s a heap of players that would deserve to be in such winning teams but haven’t been lucky enough.

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Se son rose… – week 3: of Delonte West, Andray Blatche, how to carry a team and the next great Chinese big man, who may not be Zhou Qi.

Week 3 is in full swing; Delonte West is gone and his team has won both one-import games, Tongxi is playing with just an asian import, Blatche is averaging unreal numbers (27,3 ppg 14,6 rpg 4,6 apg 2,3 spg) and shooting 41% from deep, McCollum is paying the price for lonesome greatness, Bobby Brown is piling up assists and shooting a full 4 attempts per game less than last season.

Phew, where do I even begin?

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