Ingram v Simmons – a psychological breakdown.

n.b. this article was originally intended as part of a bigger breakdown for SheridanHoops that ultimately was never to be completed or published. Thus, I’m sharing it here, on my very own personal space.

The talk of the Draft is, for once, centered around the lack of a consensus 1st overall pick. While this absence, per se, doesn’t amount to anything we haven’t already seen (the 2013 class had no clear-cut favorite once Noel got injured, last year Towns became an official consensus first overall pick only less than one month prior to Draft Day, when Minnesota started hinting at the fact that they were going to select him), this year we the fans are treated to a half-consensus: every major mock draft subscribes to the belief that LSU point forward Ben Simmons and Duke small forward Brandon Ingram will be selected with the first two picks.
When it comes to determining which of the two will go first, however, the dogfight begins.

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NBA Corner: the Golden State Warriors entry test

It’s been a long while since I last wrote something here in my personal space, and it’s been even longer since I last covered an NBA subject.
However, as the CBA season is far from running China’s favorite team, the Golden State Warriors, is approaching a rutilant NBA title win.
In no way can one say the eulogies haven’t been piling up for this Warriors team this season, and certainly a lack of criticism isn’t to be registered either.
But as the season slowly dies away with an uncompromising beatdown of the Cavaliers’ hopes for some gold in Ohio, the different patterns the same Golden State team has
exhibited in its bout against the Thunder probably needs some more breakdown.

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Shotsuey!’s CBA 2015/2016 regular season awards + is Shotsuey! still alive?

It’s been a wild season.
Eleven players averaging north of 30 points per game, sign of an immense improvement in terms of offensive firepower brought in by imports whilst defenses haven’t gotten any better. Seemingly every player unwilling to dwell in the cellars of the D-League is now considering the CBA as an option, and the level of talent this year has been, if we believe the numbers, the highest ever.

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He Tianju and the others: who is (or might be) NBA-ready in the Chinese Basketball Association?

I was, in all honesty, a bit shocked to hear that He Tianju will play Summer League basketball with the Pelicans. Nonetheless, this gives us CBA fans a good opportunity to discuss some young prospects’ chances to make it overseas, and meanwhile NBA fans will get to know a bit more about what’s cooking in the Middle Kingdom. Let’s start, donc, with the man who’s making the news: who is He Tianju? Continue reading

Shotsuey!’s CBA 2014-2015 season awards (+ some words on the CBA’s status).

So, yeah.
Turns out this blog is still alive and well, even after the end of the season. Quite clearly, its activity will be slowing down considerably during this off-season, and you all are aware of how long a CBA off-season is. Nevertheless, it’s certainly been a long month of absence for me, during which other aspects of my life have been temporarily taking a huge amount of my daily time. Back to our main subject, though, as the CBA season has crowned a not-so-new champion in Beijing’s team, the Ducks, and Stephon Marbury has captured Finals MVP honors once again. Anyone surprised?

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