The real, devastating impact Andray Blatche could have in the CBA

Round 2 of this little funny thing I’m doing, this time featuring the “Magic Johnson with Puso” himself, as you must feel morally compelled to call him now that I’ve coined this great nickname. Sure, we’re talking about Andray Blatche, recently signed by the Xinjiang Flying Tigers. From this point on this sort of column will have stat lines predictions as well, since I kinda miss getting pwned by my own “foresight”. Have fun!

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The real, devastating impact The Panda’s Friend (a.k.a. Metta World Peace, a.k.a. Ron Artest) could have on the CBA.

Disclaimer: here will start a short series of predictions concerning the impact of some of CBA’s newcomers. Since I’m somewhat in love with weird, comic-like titles, this series will go by the name of “The real, devastating impact of…”. Hopefully my 4 readers will enjoy it to the point of becoming possibly 5, or even 6 readers.
Wait, I’m not telling you to like it to the point of wanting to have children, I’m just…hell, whatever, you’re all adults, do what you feel best about.

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Rookie-bound teams: a lineup evaluation.

Being a lottery team is an overlooked, often-too-simplified condition.
As a matter of fact, one could easily argue that not all lottery-bound franchises, especially coming after such a talent-packed draft, have made moves in this offseason that really put them in a position to push for a post-season run or dwell in the league’s gutter; that despite the widely-accepted notion that staying “in-between”, not really a threat for a playoff-berth nor a high draft pick candidate (or, if you like, a team mastering the art of having an atrocious season), is an all-out condemnation for your future.
Then, you might ask, why do some teams act as if they, at the very least, don’t mind inhabiting this no man’s land?

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