Se son rose… – 2014 rookie mid-season stats.

Rookies are a valuable commodity, when you can make good use of them. This, though, is the right year to talk about them, given how well a couple of them has performed. League-wise, this is also a nice way to understand which teams are actively putting new faces on the floor.

Beware: some of them have already played in the NBL; they get the nod because of their young age.

Shao Yinglun (Guangdong, PF, ’96, 2,8 ppg, 1 rpg)

Zhou Qi (Xinjiang, C, ’96, 14,1 ppg, 7,1 rpg, 3,5 bpg)

Xiao Jian (Jilin, PF, ’95, 1,4 ppg, 1,5 rpg)

Zhang Youwei (Dongguan, PF, ’95)

Wang Yue (Foshan, PF, ’94, 2,8 ppg, 1,7 rpg)

Guo Kailun (Foshan, PG, ’95, 3 pts 2 rbs)

Liu Guancen (Shandong, SF, ’95, 1,5 ppg, 1 rpg)

Sun Chunpeng (Shandong, PF, ’95, 1,3 ppg, 1,9 rpg)

Su Haijiang (Shandong, PG, ’95, 3,5 ppg, 0,5 apg)

Zhang Hui (Shandong, SG, ’96, 3,1 ppg, 1,6 rpg, 1,1 apg)

Li Honghan (Shandong, SF, ’95, 1 ppg, 0,5 rpg)

Ren Pengpeng (Shanghai, PG, ’94, 7,3 ppg, 1,6 apg)

Li Rongpei (Tianjin, PG, 4,1 ppg, 1,7 rpg)

Heng Yifeng (Jiangsu, SF, ’95, 6,2 ppg, 0,8 rpg, 0,6 apg)

Lu Yiwen (Zhejiang, SF, ’95, 1,7 ppg)

Lu Hanxu (Zhejiang, SF, ’95, 0,5 rpg)

Che Hao (Zhejiang, PF, ’94)

Wang Zengjie (Fujian, SF, ’94, 1,3 ppg)

Zuo Zhennian (Sichuan, SF, ’96)

Han Delong (Bayi, SF, ’95, 5,9 ppg, 1,4 rpg)

Zhang Zuming (Bayi, PF, ’95, 2,5 ppg, 1,2 rpg)

Luo Kaiwen (Bayi, SF, ’95, 4,9 ppg, 1,5 rpg, 0,8 spg)

Arslan (Bayi, PG, ’96, 3,5 ppg, 1 rpg, 1,1 apg)

Zou Yuchen (Bayi, PF, ’96, 14,7 ppg, 10,6 rpg, 2,6 bpg)

Liu Zhenan (Chongqing, PG, ’94, 1,8 ppg, 1,3 apg)

Xu Zhoushun (Chongqing, PG, ’94, 1,1 ppg, 0,7 rpg, 0,6 apg)

Cao Chen (Chongqing, SG, ’94, 2,2 ppg, 1 rpg)

Quick analysis: as you can see most high-caliber teams haven’t really put rookies on the floor. Sometimes they like to keep them for easier games, sometimes they just don’t have many of them. Shandong has 5 rookies who have played at least one game and so has Bayi. Chongqing and Zhejiang have 3 a piece, Foshan has 2.

Which, among those rookies, have seen consistent time on the floor is pretty easy to understand if you look at their stats: Zou and Zhou are starters, Han and Ren are rotation members and the other guys are bench-warmers for now. Some players have played just a couple minutes overall and I didn’t post their stats because they wouldn’t have been indicative at all.

That’s it, for now. I wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. Take care!

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